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Department of Education and Training HCMC


CODE: 0214



Head office: 61-63 Nguyen Van Dung St

Ward 6, District 5, HCMC

Tel: + 84. 3924.5551- 3924.5552

Fax: +84. 5405 1425

Website: www.cuulongcollege.edu.vn

Email: daotaocuulong@yahoo.com


► Branch 1: Nguyen Van Dung St- Ward 6- Dist 5- HCMC- Viet Nam

► Branch 2: 914-914A Ta Quang Buu St- Ward 6- Dist 8- HCMC- Viet Nam

► Branch 3: Campus Can Gio (Master Plan ), Can Gio Dist- HCMC- Viet Nam


  • 468 Nguyen Trai St- Ward 8- Dist 5

  • 99 Bach Van St- Ward 6- Dist 5

  • 146 An Binh St- Ward 5- Dist 5


Cuu Long College was founded under Decision No. 3477/QĐ-UBND dated 28/7/2006 issued by the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh city and is controlled by the city’s Department of Education and Training. Cuu Long college is a private school, acting autonomously in finance, facilities and personnel. The school management is performed under the Regulation organizing and operating in private vocational tertiary education issued as per the Ministry of Education and Training’s Circular No. 35/2009/TT-BGDĐT dated 03/12/2009. International collaboration on training is implemented under the Regulation of foreign co-operation and investment in education issued according to the Government’s Decree No. 73/2012/NĐ-CP dated 26/09/2012.


           1. Associate Professor – Dr. Nguyen Van Hanh, Chairman Board of Trustees

           2. MD. Pham Minh Tan, Rector.

           3. MA. Nguyen Minh Hanh, Vice Rector

           4. MA. Nguyen Minh Ngoc, Vice rector


Admission requirements are high school graduates with fairly good learning capacity, or students with grades on entrance exams to universities or colleges. Training duration is 24 months. We have 7 majors of vocational training:

      3.1. Nursing

      3.2. Nursing and Dentistry


      3.3.  Pharmacy

      3.4.  Clinical Laboratory Technology

      3.5.  Physical Therapy

      3.6.  Traditional Medicine


      3.7.  Computer Science


Our teaching staff has fluctuated between 140 and 150 people, 40% of whom are faculty members, 30% of whom have a PhD or an MA. Visiting professors are invited from Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and the city’s major hospitals.


We have an interest in programs of pharmaceutical products and microbiology (of Medical Laboratory Science).


On July 26th  2013 in Manila, Philippines, Cuu long college and Arellano university signed  the Memorandum of agreement on academic collaboration and university transfer. In consideration of the premises contained in the agreement both parties agree as follow

1. Graduates of CUULONG will continue their studies in ARELLANO University to get Bachelor Degree in the following fields:

  • Nursing

  • Pharmacy

  • Physical Therapy

  • Medical Technology

2. CUULONG will recruit high school graduates in Vietnam to go directly to Arellano university.

3. ARELLANO university will  train English for teachers and students of  Cuulong College.

From July 27 to August 10, 2013 a group of 10 faculty and staff of Cuulong College participates in 2 week English course at Arellnao University. This collaboration program will help Cuulong faculty and staff improve English skills, exchange  teaching experience, as well as Filipino and Vietnamese  culture… ect.  In  2014  graduates of Cuulong college are going to study their first courses at Arellano. We hope that this promising collaboration will bring advantageous opportunities for Cuulong students in broadening their horizons, having access to innovative and academic study environment, looking for international jobs in America, Australia, Canada, Japan and Europe. 



  • The practice rooms for departments of Nursing, Pharmacy, Clinical Laboratory Science, Physiotherapy are well – equipped and modern. Lecture halls are fully-equipped with audio-visual aids.

  • The system of academic administration is networked properly over the Internet.

  • The practice system consists of the city’s major public hospitals, such as: Chợ Rẫy Hospital, Hung Vương Hospital, Nguyen Trai Hospital, Nguyen Tri Phương hospital, An Binh hospital,…Ba Thang Hai pharmaceutical company, Russel pharmaceutical company, Hasan pharmaceutical company, …

  • Cuu Long college has a lot of premises:

  • Headquarters: 61-63 Nguyen van Dung Street, Ward 6, District 5.

  • Nursing deparment: 468 Nguyen Trai Street, Ward 8, District 5 (Nguyen Tri Phuong Hospital)

  • Pharmacy department: 436 Ham Tu Street (now is Vo Van Kiet Street), Ward 6, District 5.

  • Department of Medical Laboratory Science and Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation:     914 – 914A Ta Quang Buu Street, Ward 5, District 8.

  • Clinic and nursing home: An Thoi Dong Ward, Can Gio District (near the sea, 30 km from the city center).


1. Prof, Dr. Nguyen Van Hanh

Chair Board of Trustees

2. Pro, Dr. Tran Hong Quan

Former Minister of the Ministry of Education  and Training

President of Vietnam Private Universities’ Association

3. Prof, Dr. Tran Trung Chien

Former Minister of the Ministry of Health

4. Pro, Dr, Tran Chi Dao

Former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Education and Training

5. Mr. Le Van Chanh

Vice president of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy

6. Honorable MD. Pham Minh Tan

Rector of Cuu Long college of Technology



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