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On April 1 -April 5, 2014 Cuu Long college of Technology welcomed 50 students from Arellano university. The visit of tourism and hospitality students from two AU campuses was headed by Dr.   Florenitte  de Guzman, Dean of Hospitality Management  and Dr.  Mitchell A. Borja, Dean of Tourism Management. Teachers and students from Arellano university had a warm meeting with Cuulong’s teachers and students on April 2. 

The highlight of AU visit was the Exchange Culture Night  on April 3 at the conference room of the Political Training Center of District 5.  Students between two institutions participate in one of the college’s biggest celebrations¸ the “Beauty and Talent Contest of Cuulong College and Technology,” which CL and AU students  participated with unforgettable cultural  presentations.  At the end of the night, Students takes photographs, exchange emails, face book addresses …etc, and Adriano, Chirstelle May D, a student from AU received  the award “Miss of the Night”.  

From April 4 to April 6,  AU’s students had interesting exposure trips to Cuu Chi tunnel and Mekong delta

The historical and cultural exchange program successfully implemented and highlighted the strong partnership between 2 institutions,.  In the middle of this year, Cuu Long is planning  to send a group of ten faculties and teachers to AU. They are going to join in 2- week English program in AU.

 The historical and cultural exchange program will be organized by CCT every year.





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