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On May 15, 2014, Mr. Toshio Takeuchi, a company official of Toyo Work paid a working visit to the campuses and Nursing Department of Cuu Long College of Technology. He was accompanied by Mr V.T.Tung - General Director of Kimyomatsu Consultant Co., LTD, Vietnam.



Toyo is a consulting and job placement company in Japan. Toyo Work currently has 2,000 customers. Previously, the company mainly recruited engineers and graduate fellows, but now it is aiming at the nursing workforce. Since June this year, the Japanese government has had a policy on recruiting Nurses in Vietnam. Because Japan's population is aging rapidly, the need for nursing care arises considerably. At present, Japan has about 140,000 nurses, in which 10% are foreigners. In the future, it will need about 100,000 more nursing technicians, who will be recruited from Southeast Asian countries including Vietnam. There have been a small number of trainee nurses from Hanoi working in Japan.

 Toyo Work has initially evaluated nursing students graduating from Cuu Long College as appropriate for recruitment. They need  to be supplemented with Japanese language and some skills of Japanese culture and customs. The next steps will be taken soon.





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