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To implement the 2014 collaborative program between two schools, the batch of ten school officials and faculty members from the Cuu Long College will be arriving at Arellano University, Philippines on a two-week training course from June 21st to July 5th 2014. MA Nguyen Minh Hanh, Vice Rector of Cuu Long College, will head the delegation. This is an annual training course according to the agreement between two schools.

This training course consists of two contents:

1/ Develop our professional expertise and administrative skills:

Develop our English proficiency, study Arellano’s methods of organizing, administering a school, enrolling, performing academic affairs, financial management… Our teacher will observe and have access to teaching at the faculties of Nursing, Pharmacy, Medical Technology and Physical Therapy.

2/ Agree on the collaborative plan for year 2014-2015 as follows:

-         Grasping the study and living conditions of the first batch of Cuu Long students (2014) who have started their majors at Arellano University since June 2014.

-          Arellano’s plan for enrolling the second batch of Cuu Long students at the beginning of January 2015.

-          Cuu Long College welcoming Arellano students to Vietnam for the second cultural exchange in summer 2015.

   After working time, Arellano will also facilitate Cuu Long teachers to visit and find out the economic, cultural and social activities in the capital city Manila and the surrounding area. This is the second training course of Cuu Long College at Arellano University.




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